• How to choose the thickness of the mattress

    How to choose the thickness of the mattress

    Many people are very familiar with the brand of mattresses, but they are not very proficient in the purchase of mattresses, such as the thickness of the mattress. Some people think that a thicker mattress is better. In fact, it is not a high mattress. On the contrary, it has an impact on the human b... Read More

    17-11-2020 Media
  • Mattress fabric coverings explained

    Mattress fabric coverings explained

    What is mattress ticking? Before we start its important to help define what mattress ticking is. Ticking relates to the cover material used in mattress construction. It’s an industry term to describe a mattress cover fabric. Types of mattress Ticking Walking around any bed shed or retailer will show... Read More

    12-11-2020 Media
  • Bed basics: compare mattress upholstery

    Bed basics: compare mattress upholstery

    Ticking, and how it’s attached, can make or break comfort When you’re on the hunt for the most comfortable bed possible (did someone say Black mattress? hint hint), you probably think about the mattress or the bedding, but did you know that the fabric encasing your mattress can have just as big of a... Read More

    05-11-2020 Media
  • Common misconceptions about mattress fabric

    Common misconceptions about mattress fabric

    Mattress ticking has changed drastically over the decades. It is no longer a simple covering to hold feathers or other fillers that formerly made up a mattress; it has entered the design world and added in sleep science and technology through textile innovations. Since mattress fabric has transforme... Read More

    28-10-2020 Media
  • What is mattress ticking

    What is mattress ticking

    A woven or knit textile, ticking is the final, outer cover of a mattress. While it was originally designed in the blue and white stripe commonly known by the name today, ticking comes in a range of shades, styles and materials. Today, there is an increasing consumer demand for a variety of colors an... Read More

    22-10-2020 Media

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