The basic qualities of a good mattress


Standards for good mattresses at present, there is a dazzling array of mattresses of various materials and workmanship on the market. In fact, as long as the following points are met, it is basically a good mattress that can meet our needs. Before we expand on the purchase strategy of various types of mattresses in detail, let's review the basic qualities of a good mattress.

As mentioned above, a good mattress should not only have sufficient supporting structure to provide strong support for the human body, but also a soft contact structure to evenly distribute the pressure. Simply put, it must be "rigid and flexible."

At present, there are many kinds of main materials of mattresses. Before we expand on the purchase strategy of all kinds of mattresses in detail, we only list the common qualities that a good mattress should have, that is, health and environmental protection, with very few volatiles. Rugged and durable, it can maintain a stable state for a long time.

We can’t just make the right choice based on the appearance of a mattress, but watching the appearance of a mattress allows us to eliminate the worst products, because a mattress that looks exquisite may not be good, but A mattress that looks rough is definitely bad. How can a manufacturer who can tolerate bad appearance of their products be held responsible for their internal quality? In addition to checking whether the lathes are fine, whether the seam is accurate, and whether the pressing edge is tight, some mattresses provide "windows" and zipper designs for people to inspect their interiors, although it is difficult for us to tell the quality of their inner quality by looking at it. Bad, but you can see whether the workmanship is serious and meticulous. In addition, a good mattress should have an overall texture that looks reassuring. This texture is the embodiment of sophisticated design and mature production technology. In view of the many choices on the market, if a mattress just seems to be almost something, just give up decisively.


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