Two indicators of high-quality mattresses


The joints of high-quality mattress fabrics have the same tightness, no obvious wrinkles, no floating lines or jumpers; seam edges and four corners are well-proportioned, no burrs are exposed, and dental floss is straight. When you press the mattress with your hands, there is no friction inside, and the hand feels firm and comfortable. Inferior mattress fabrics are often quilted with inconsistent tightness, floating threads, jumpers, seam edges, four-corner arcs, and dental floss are not straight.

1. Softness: Preventive medicine experts believe that the best sleeping position should be the same as the standing position. A mattress with good support function can provide ubiquitous and comprehensive support to the body while maintaining the spine in a standing position. Only when the spine maintains a natural curvature, the muscles can really relax, otherwise it will be replaced by backache when getting up. The fatigue of backache requires the mattress to be moderately firm.

2. Air permeability: There are 3 million fine pores distributed on the surface of human skin. These pores shrink and relax day and night to breathe, secrete sweat, excrete sebum and metabolites in the body, and regulate body temperature and normal functions. At night, cell division is the most vigorous time. If the material of the mattress is not breathable and perspiration, it will hinder the breathing and excretion of the skin, the skin is prone to roughness and allergies, and it will also affect the endocrine function for a long time.

You can choose the water mattress that matches the overall style of the room according to the indoor color. According to the decoration style of your own family, you can buy the style and type of water mattress you need. It is necessary to consider whether it has suitable soft and hard support and durability, which is the crux of whether it can reach the animal-like buoyant sleep environment and longer service life.

The high-quality water mattress is made of high-grade natural rubber through a special process. It has a suitable buoyancy effect and a long safe use. It fits the physiological curve of the human body. Whether lying on the back or on the side, it truly completes the relationship between the mattress and the human body. The tight fit can make the cervical spine, lumbar spine and leg and wrist no longer hang in the air, support the body weight on average, increase the pressure of the body weight on the spine, muscles, capillaries and nervous system, effectively form weak microcirculation, and provide special care for the spine effect.


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