Mattress purchase considerations


The production of mattress manufacturers is also divided into soft and hard, which requires users to distinguish by themselves according to their needs, and the quality of mattresses is indeed different, and the advantages and disadvantages are different.

1. Judge the quality of the mattress from the fabric workmanship. The joints of high-quality mattress fabrics have the same elasticity, no obvious wrinkles, no floating lines or jumpers; seam edges and four-corner arcs are symmetrical, no burrs are exposed, and dental floss is straight. When the mattress is pressed by hand, there is no friction inside, and the hand feels firm and comfortable. Inferior mattress fabrics are often quilted with inconsistent tightness, floating threads, jumpers, seam edges, four-corner arcs, and dental floss are not straight.

2. See the advantages and disadvantages of spring mattresses from the internal materials. The number of springs used in a spring mattress and the size of the wire diameter determine the softness and hardness of the spring mattress. Press the surface of the spring mattress with your bare hands. If the spring sounds, it means the spring has quality problems. If it is found that the spring is rusty, the inner liner is a worn sack or a flocculent fiber product opened with industrial scraps, the spring soft mattress is a low-quality product.

3. Check whether the mattress has uniform thickness, smooth surface, symmetrical and beautiful line marks, and whether the mattress has a certificate.

4. Pressure test the mattress by hand. First, test the diagonal pressure of the mattress. The quality of the mattress must be balanced and symmetrical, and then the surface of the mattress is evenly tested. The filling of the good quality mattress is distributed. It is even and balanced. It is best for consumers to lie down and experience it for themselves.

5. Measures to detect the quality of mattress springs. Qualified springs have good elasticity under flapping, and have a slightly uniform spring sound. Rusty and inferior springs are not only poor in elasticity, but also often make crunching and crunching noises under extrusion.


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