Explain the common defects of knitted fabrics in detail


1. Needle

What is a needle path? The loops formed by a few knitting needles on the fabric are too large or too small, and obvious stripes appear in the wale direction, and a thin mark appears when the cloth is lifted or exposed to light.

Cause Analysis:

1. The size and length of the needles are different, and the needles are skewed incorrectly.

2. Due to the dirt blocking the needle groove, the needle groove is tight or the width of the needle groove is different, and oil stains are caused.

3. The sinker is worn or there are sundries such as flying flowers in the groove, which causes inequality.

4. There is no obvious difference between the wrong needle, the needle path and the leaf path on the cloth surface, but because the blades are more susceptible to each other than the knitting needles, the leaf paths are generally continuous together.

Second, the oil needle

What is an oil needle? One or more lines with oil stains in the longitudinal direction of the fabric appear as a black line falling straight down on the fabric surface.

Cause Analysis:

1. The oil in the oil pipeline is overflowing or because of careless refueling, that is, the amount of refueling is too much or too little.

2. After cleaning the loom, too much residual oil remains in the machine.

3. The knitting needles are dirty and oily.

4. The needle groove is tight, and the oil is rubbed.

3. Yarn broken

What is broken yarn? Individual yarn breaks during weaving.

Cause Analysis:

1. Poor yarn quality, poor strength, or large knots or large grains of yarn and wool cannot pass through.

2. The position of the yarn feeder is not good, and the fed yarn is located at the mouth of the knitting needle scissors.

3. The bobbin is poorly formed, and the yarn ends up when it is unwinding.

Fourth, the wrong flower

What is wrong flower? The pattern on the cloth surface does not match the customer's request.

Cause Analysis:

1. The computer program is mistyped or the computer is reset.

2. When changing the yarn, the check-in staff changed the wrong yarn count or connected the wrong finger.

Five, hole

What is a hole? There are small or large holes on the cloth surface, and the holes are formed due to the coil breaking on the cloth surface.

Cause Analysis:

1. The yarn strength is too low, the yarn is broken, the yarn is too hard, etc.

2. The amount of bending yarn is too large or too small, the edges and corners are not properly aligned, the yarn is in the scissors mouth when pressing the needle, the needle groove is tight, and the position of the yarn feeder is not good.

3. The passage of the yarn is abnormal, such as a broken conveying wheel, too tight or loose belt, or the thread jumps out of the yarn feeder and wraps around the yarn hook, and the yarn and wool are blocked.

4. Knitting needles are broken, such as crooked needles, broken needle tongues, unclosed needles, and biased needle tongues.
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