• Common misconceptions about mattress fabric

    Common misconceptions about mattress fabric

    Mattress ticking has changed drastically over the decades. It is no longer a simple covering to hold feathers or other fillers that formerly made up a mattress; it has entered the design world and added in sleep science and technology through textile innovations. Since mattress fabric has transforme... Read More

    28-10-2020 Media
  • What is mattress ticking

    What is mattress ticking

    A woven or knit textile, ticking is the final, outer cover of a mattress. While it was originally designed in the blue and white stripe commonly known by the name today, ticking comes in a range of shades, styles and materials. Today, there is an increasing consumer demand for a variety of colors an... Read More

    22-10-2020 Media
  • Defining quality in mattress fabrics:woven damask and circular knits

    Defining quality in mattress fabrics:woven damask and circular knits

    With innovation comes change for the better. Ticking is the foundation of the overall comfort and performance of a mattress, as well as how attractive it is on the retail floor, so mattress fabric design has moved from simple functionality to elegant artistry. Our products have always represented th... Read More

    14-10-2020 Media
  • Why surface finishes matter

    Why surface finishes matter

    Surface finishes add to the overall quality and longevity of fabrics. We offer a variety of mattress finishes with cool, comfort, and clean technology that can be applied to mattress fabrics to improve and extend the life of the fabric. Surface finishes also provide health and wellness benefits for ... Read More

    30-09-2020 Media
  • How your mattress can promote wellness

    How your mattress can promote wellness

    We strive for wellness in all aspects of life: we think about it in terms of our relationships, work life, diet, and stress management. However, in the midst of balancing everything on our to-do list each day, we often neglect one of the most important parts of wellness, sleep. The Importance of Sle... Read More

    24-09-2020 Media

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