Simple method for removing mites from mattresses


How often does your mattress be cleaned? Is it changed in a few years? In response to such an inquiry, most people should answer no. However, according to relevant data survey results, a mattress that has been used for one year has about 750,000 aphids; after three years of mattresses, it will produce nearly 4.5 kilograms of dead cells of aphids; using a bed for 5 years. There are even as many as 6 million mites in the pad!

Especially in the autumn, the warmth in autumn and winter is a good place for locusts to sleep. At this time, it is too late to remove the mites! So how does the mattress remove the mites?

An easy way to remove a mites from a mattress:

1. Clean and remove dust
We can use the vacuum cleaner at home or the mites to clean up the dirt, dead skin and other dirt on the upper and lower surfaces of the mattress. The most important purpose of this step is to remove dust and remove the dirt attached to the surface.

2, decontamination of deodorant
Using baking soda to decontaminate and deodorize, we sprinkle baking soda on the mattress evenly, then pat evenly, wait 15-20 minutes, wait for the odor on the mattress to be removed, then use the vacuum cleaner at home to put the mattress The soda powder on the suction is cleaned, and once again, the dust and dander are absorbed together, and the mattress can be cleaned, stained and deodorized.

3, sterilization and killing

The mattress has never been washed for a long time. After a long time, there will naturally be a lot of bacteria and mites. For our health, we must kill and kill. Alcohol is used this time. Everyone knows that alcohol has a bactericidal and insecticidal effect. Dilute the alcohol with water and wet the rag. Then use this rag to wipe all parts of the mattress and brush it with a soft brush. The sterilization of alcohol can make the bacteria and mites on the mattress have nowhere to hide. 10 minutes Can kill bacteria and kill.


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