Fabric identification: the way to identify cotton


Fabric is the material used to make clothing. As one of the three elements of clothing, fabrics can not only interpret the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly influence the color and shape of clothing.

1.What method can I use to determine whether it is pure cotton before purchase?
(1)Grab: Hold the fabric in your hand with your hand and let go. If the wrinkles are too strong, it means that the cotton has a lot of ingredients. On the contrary, it is the other ingredients.

(2)Look: the cotton fabric is lighter in gloss, the reflection is not strong, it looks softer, the easiest is to look at the wash mark of the bedding: 100% cotton. For pure cotton, we can first observe the label of the product.

Note that many products now deliberately increase the cotton content, so looking at the label can only be used as a reference. If the label says it is not pure cotton, then it must not be pure cotton. If the label says it is pure cotton, then it can only maintain a dubious attitude.

(3)Touch: The texture of cotton fabric(Cotton bamboo mattress fabric China) is softer and more comfortable than other textures (except for silk, of course). Pure cotton breathable, soft texture. The chemical fiber clothing is relatively hard, and it has toughness in the hand. The experienced housewives can use their own hands to judge how much cotton is in the clothes and bedding. Clothes with too little cotton and bedding are not close to the body and are not breathable.

2.The following method is the method you can experiment after purchasing.
(1)Washing: The high-density and high-density cotton fabric shrinks less, wrinkles after washing, and then resumes after drying. (Before I used to experiment with the bedclothes of Mengjie's home textiles, after drying and spreading, I didn't wrinkle completely, and some ordinary cotton bedding products have always been like sauerkraut. This is a big tree experience.) Cotton clothes, bedding will shrink after washing, will be deformed. This is a shortcoming of pure cotton products. If it is still intact after washing, it is not pure cotton.

(2)Cover: The cotton bedding cover is easy to absorb moisture and has no sultry feeling.

(3)Burning: Draw a piece of fabric fiber or a small piece of fabric to burn, pure cotton can be burned, accompanied by the smell of burning paper, the ash is black, and the hand can be completely mashed.


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