How to prevent the occurrence of the stiff neck phenomenon


1, Choose the right pillow

Many of the stiff necks occur because of the discomfort of the pillow, so it is important to prevent the stiff neck and sleep pillows. The height of the pillow should conform to the physiological curvature of the individual's cervical vertebrae. It should be low in the middle, and the pillows with two heads should be the best. The pillow should have a soft filling and good ventilation. For example, the Gold Coast Latex Pillow is a good choice.

2, good sleeping position and sleeping environment

Improper sleeping position is also one of the causes of stiff neck, so when sleeping, the neck should not be suspended, and at the same time develop a good sleep posture, which can be supine or lateral. Cover your neck with a quilt, don't be greedy in the summer, let the air conditioner or fan blow against the neck.

3, exercise the neck and back muscles

The stiff neck is not formed overnight. It must be due to certain problems in the neck, so it is necessary to exercise a certain amount of movement on the neck muscles. Especially the active operation of the cervical vertebrae, such as the "meter" operation, this is a simple operation of the neck exercises.


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