How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of 3E coir mattress


Having a good night's sleep is one of the indispensable conditions for every modern person's work and life. However, we are faced with work. The pressure brought by life often leads to poor quality of sleep. In addition to improving mood, going out and exercising, we can improve the quality of sleep by replacing more comfortable mattresses. .

In the mattress market, 3E coir mattress is a mattress made of a new type of natural material. Because of its strong support and effective protection of the spine, it is sought after by consumers. Despite the many benefits of the 3E coir mattress, there is no shortage of merchants in the market, which has caused the difference in today's mattress products. The Gold Coast mattress pointed out that people can distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of the 3E coir mattress from the following three points.

First, product identification
Genuine mattresses, whether they are mats, cotton pads or spring cushions, have product names, registered trademarks, manufacturing companies or addresses. In the general market, some unmarked and unbranded mattresses are mostly inferior products.

Second, fabric work
The high-quality fabric has the same tight seams, no obvious wrinkles and jumpers, and the corners are round and even. Pressing the inside hardly does not make a pressing sound, and the hand feels comfortable. Inferior fabrics tend to have inconsistent seams, which is the opposite.

Third, internal materials
Although many internal materials are invisible, during the test sleep, you can listen carefully to whether the spring makes a creaking sound. If it is a detachable zipper, you can open it and see some inside the mattress. The material can also be used to smell whether there is any smell or not, and judge whether it is inferior.


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