What kind of mattress fabric is good


What kind of mattress fabric is good? The characteristics of various mattress fabrics. When choosing a mattress, we certainly want to feel comfortable and not cause irritating fabrics to our skin. Nowadays, there are many fabrics on the market such as pure cotton, Linen, chemical fiber, silk, etc. The pure cotton fabric is the best material to use, because it is natural fiber that can promote the skin's metabolism, health, comfort, and breathability.

There are also many styles and different patterns printed on mattress fabrics, and most of the printed mattress fabrics are brighter and brighter in color. Generally divided into two types of reactive printing and dyeing and traditional paint printing and dyeing. Reactive printing and dyeing refers to the process of dyeing and printing. The dye active gene is combined with fiber molecules. The fabric has excellent dust resistance and high cleanliness. No harmful substances to the human body are added during the printing and dyeing process.

Characteristics of various mattress fabrics
1. Now the quality of different mattress styles and fabrics is also different. There will be a certain gap between each mattress fabric. For example, let's introduce water-jet cloth: full hand feeling, good followability, following fabric changes, shape retention And the three-dimensional sense is excellent. Huayao Crepe: Printing and dyeing with active and environmentally friendly full process, high color fastness, good texture, shiny luster, fashionable and beautiful positioning pattern.

2. We are continuing to introduce the characteristics of some different types of fabrics, such as washed cloth: it is soft and comfortable in the hand, with a slightly wrinkled washable style fabric. Fuchun spinning: Fuchun spinning silk has smooth surface, smooth handle, bright color, bright color and good moisture absorption. Corduroy: Corduroy is characterized by round and plump fleece, wear-resistant fleece, thick texture, soft hand feeling and good warmth retention.


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