Be careful when choosing a mattress


The Beijing Consumers Association announced the test results of 50 mattress products through its website. 50% of the samples had quality problems. Among them, 16 out of 37 spring mattress samples had quality problems, and 9 out of 13 brown mattress samples. The piece has quality problems. Among them, 2 samples of spring mattresses and 6 samples of brown mattresses contained excessive formaldehyde content.
The harm of formaldehyde to the human body has been well known. People pay special attention to whether the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard when purchasing building materials and wooden furniture. The excessive formaldehyde content of some mattresses announced by the Beijing Consumers Association has sounded a warning bell for consumers. As a harmful gas, formaldehyde enters the body mainly through people's breath. Mattresses are one of the essential products for people's daily life. One-third of their lives are spent in bed. Once the formaldehyde content of the mattress exceeds the standard, it will have a direct impact on human health.
It is understood that mattresses produce formaldehyde, mainly from some materials, among which adhesives are the main source of formaldehyde. Whether it is a spring mattress or a brown mattress, adhesives are inseparable in the production process. Some manufacturers use natural rubber for bonding, which does not contain or contains only a small amount of formaldehyde, which will not cause harm to the human body. In order to save costs, some manufacturers choose inferior adhesives, which will cause the mattress to exceed the standard formaldehyde content.
So, how should consumers choose when choosing a mattress? Industry insiders gave three methods: look at the price, for example, a 1.5m×1.9m ordinary large bed, in order to ensure the quality of sponge, spring, wrapping cloth, filling, etc., the cost must be at least 400 yuan~ If the price is lower than this price, consumers have the right to doubt whether there is a problem with the source of the raw materials; secondly, consumers can open the packaging of the mattress and feel the smell inside. Inferior mattresses will give off an unpleasant smell; Third, look at the test report. If the test report does not have the corresponding formaldehyde pollution and filling material test data, or the instructions do not clearly explain these problems, it must be a problematic mattress.


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