Is the mattress hard bed or air spring mattress


Perhaps, many friends have heard the saying: "sleeping on a hard bed is more beneficial to the health of children and the elderly", and some young people buy hard beds for the elderly to realize their filial piety. However, many friends think that the hard bed is too hard, not necessarily really good, it is better to choose an air spring mattress. Is the mattress a hardwood bed or an air spring mattress?

Compared with hard beds, air spring mattresses are a good choice.

According to relevant data, normal people's sleep posture changes frequently after falling asleep, and they can turn 20-20 times a night. If the mattress cannot ideally support all parts of the body, body pressure and discomfort will occur.

A hard bed will reduce the support area of ​​the body. Only the head, back, buttocks and heels can bear the pressure. The waist is easy to hang, which is not only bad for the spine, but long-term muscle tension and contraction may cause muscle fatigue. Pain, tension. After sleeping in such a bed for a long time, it is very likely that the lumbar pain caused by lumbar disc herniation has not been cured, and the problem of lumbar muscle strain has declined. This is not worth it!

The large number of point supports in the air spring mattress can evenly support the weight of all parts of the body, relax the muscles of the whole body, and relieve the fatigue and soreness of the whole body. Sleep fast. No matter what position or posture, it can perfectly support every part of the human body and naturally adapt to the curve of the human body.

Whether your weight is heavy or light, the air spring system can provide the same support and comfort. Each spring body can be operated and independently supported, and can be independently extended and contracted, with strong anti-interference ability and zero steering. Ensure that the users on both sides of the mattress can maintain a comfortable sleep state, better support the body, improve sleep, improve the quality of sleep, so that you will not be disturbed during sleep and fall asleep easily!


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