How long does the spring mattress need to be replaced


In the Chinese mattress market, most manufacturers recommend a life span of ten years for spring mattresses, while domestic consumers generally believe that spring mattresses can sleep for ten or two years unless the surface of the spring mattress is severely damaged. If the spring runs out or collapses, consumers will change.

Experts suggest that the quality of spring mattresses is actually good. After squeezing body weight for a long time, elasticity problems will inevitably occur. At this time, the fit between the human body and the mattress is far worse than the initial time of the new mattress. Sleeping on the body for a long time can easily cause adverse effects on the body, so it should be replaced in time. How long must the spring mattress be replaced?

The replacement cycle of the spring mattress should be determined according to your own physical condition and the state of the mattress itself. Generally, you need to consider the following:

First of all, spring mattresses are very sunken, or the softness and stiffness vary greatly from one place to another. Obviously, in this case, the spring of the spring mattress has been partially damaged and should be replaced or adopted in time.

Secondly, there are many stains on the spring mattress. It shows that the spring mattress has been used for a long time. A lot of bacteria are likely to be produced inside. It is recommended to replace the spring mattress with a new one. A new study by the Institute of Medical Research in Barcelona, ​​Spain found that old mattresses that are lower from the ground and have restricted bedroom ventilation can increase dust mites in the bedroom.

Third, the spring mattress has been used for more than 10 years. Due to long-term use, it is easy to cause more or less elastic deformation of the spring used to support the internal structure, that is, after 10 years, the spring can almost be used. You can consider replacing this time.

Fourth, when the body size and weight change greatly, it is best to change the mattress so that it can properly support the body.

I often don't sleep well at night. After waking up, I felt back pain and weakness. In the case of eliminating the incorrect sleeping position, the quality of the spring mattress may be problematic, and the mattress should be replaced at this time.


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