Why surface finishes matter


Surface finishes add to the overall quality and longevity of fabrics. We offer a variety of mattress finishes with cool, comfort, and clean technology that can be applied to mattress fabrics to improve and extend the life of the fabric. Surface finishes also provide health and wellness benefits for consumers to improve circulation and rejuvenation of the body for healthy sleep

Cool Surface Finishes

Our bodies need temperature regulation to maintain healthy circadian rhythms. We tend to snuggle up under warm blankets to get comfortable while falling asleep, but too much warmth can throw off sleep cycles and cause interrupted sleep. Instead of waking up to throw off the covers, consider the advantages of temperature regulation through mattress surface finishes.

Chiller is a finish that utilizes Phase Change Material (PCM) to absorb, store, and release heat for thermal comfort throughout your sleep cycle. Many cooling fabrics are made from wicking technology that manages moisture by reacting to sweat and pulling it away from the skin. Chiller works in advance because it proactively manages heat by controlling the production of moisture before it begins. PCM fabrics have a unique ability to store and release energy when needed to help regulate when your body needs more or less warmth so that you can sleep without interruption.

Comfort Surface Finishes

Sound sleep begins with feeling comfortable in your surroundings. Textile innovations have allowed for fabrics to become softer for clothing, top of bed products, and mattress fabrics.

Clean Surface Finishes

At the end of a long day, it’s time to relax and put worries aside so that we can sleep in peace. Worrying about spills and stains makes a house feel less like a home. For homes with kids, pets, or the occasional bedtime snack, consider a stain resistant surface finish for long-lasting benefits.

Generally, one surface finish can be applied to a mattress fabric, but a finish can be combined with a fabric consisting of a cool, comfort, or clean technology to combine benefits.


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