What color is better for sleep


What color helps sleep? Choosing the color of the sheets is very important.

Everyone needs to have enough sleep quality to supplement the body's functions. However, choosing the bedding that suits you can help improve the quality of sleep, such as the color of the bed sheets and the fabric of the mattress in life, which are all beneficial to people. Sleep quality.

1.Purple bed sheets-use with caution in patients with heart disease
Purple helps calm the nerves and has a depressive effect on the nerves and heart. Therefore, patients with heart disease should be cautious in using purple bed sheets.

2. Indigo tablets-suitable for postoperative recovery, can relieve pain
Indigo tablets are less sensitive to body pain. For patients whose surgical wounds are recovering, you can choose indigo bed sheets or simply brush the room with indigo.

3. Pink sheets-suitable for autism and depression
Pink sheets can make people feel calm. For people with autism and depression, you can choose pink sheets.

.Light orange tablets-induce appetite and help calcium absorption
Light orange bed sheets help relieve headaches, fever and insomnia.

5. Red sheets-insomnia, neurasthenia, cardiovascular disease
Red bed sheets are more suitable for newlyweds, can add a festive atmosphere, can also stimulate the nervous system, increase the secretion of adrenaline, and enhance blood circulation.

6. Fresh green sheets-to relieve tension, people who are impatient should use it
For those who are emotionally unstable and impatient, you can choose a soft green bed sheet to ease your relaxation and ease tension.

7.Golden sheets-taboos for depression and madness
Golden sheets can cause mood and temperature, and people with depression should not use golden yellow.

8. Blue sheets-computers, white-collar workers hang themselves
Blue bed sheets help lower blood pressure and are suitable for white-collar workers with excessive brains.


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