What are the mattress fabrics


What are the mattress fabrics? Which mattress fabric is better? Different fabric characteristics, mattresses are an important part of the bed. When we buy a bed, we pay great attention to the selection of the mattress, and the fabric of the mattress is often our concern. There are many kinds of mattresses, and the fabrics of the mattresses are also different. Everyone may not be able to distinguish clearly when choosing.
What are the mattress fabrics: There are many kinds of mattress fabrics, the main ones on the market are: knitted fabrics, water jet fabrics, jacquard fabrics, washed fabrics, Fuchun spinning, corduroy, denim, nylon spinning, and Paris , Warp knitted cloth, Huayao crepe and so on.

The distinction of mattress fabrics: different mattresses use different fabrics. Ordinary mattress fabrics are warp-knitted fabrics, Huayao crepe fabrics, some are water-jet fabrics, better ones are jacquard fabrics, better ones are brocade and satin fabrics, and good ones are high-end imported knitted fabrics. Some even have cashmere, and there are 3D fabrics that are now at the peak of the times. In fact, in addition to the fabric itself, even the same fabric is different. For example, water-jet cloth has a weight. The price increases with weight. 80G is true.

The characteristics of several mattress fabrics:

Spray cloth: feel full and soft. Moderate elasticity in the warp and weft directions, good follow-up, follow the change of the fabric, excellent shape retention and three-dimensional feeling.

Huayao crepe: It is printed and dyed by the active and environmentally friendly full process, with high color fastness, bright color, good texture, shiny luster, soft hand feeling, silky feeling, fashionable and beautiful positioning pattern.

Washable cloth: Washable cloth is treated by a special dyeing and finishing process to give the fabric a slightly wrinkled washable style. The raw materials of washed cloth are pure cotton, polyester/cotton, polyester filament and so on. The washed cloth feels soft and has slight wrinkles in appearance.

Fuchun spinning: Fuchun spinning is a spinning silk fabric interwoven with viscose silk (rayon) and cotton-type viscose staple yarn. It is characterized by smooth silk surface, soft and smooth hand feeling, bright color, soft luster and good moisture absorption.

Corduroy: There are many types of corduroy. According to the thickness of the velvet, it can be divided into extra-fine sliver, middle sliver, wide sliver and inter-strip corduroy. It is characterized by round and plump velvet, wear-resistant down, thick texture, soft hand feeling and good warmth retention.

Luxurious knitted fabric: rich in texture, making sleep more comfortable. Exquisite patterns, diverse styles and colors, and rich choices.

Palis: It is a light and light variety woven with combed wool yarn. Generally, top dyeing is used. After some tops are dyed, they are spun with the original color tops to form a plain weave fabric of mixed yarns. In this way, the surface is spread with uniform white spots, and there are crisscross and faint rain stripes.


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