Mattress cleaning method


In life, in order to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, after a period of time, the quilt covers, sheets, pillowcases, etc. on the bed are usually cleaned from time to time. However, most people in life ignore the cleanliness of the mattress. This is not true! Because the mattress is not clean for a long time, it will hide dust and sweat, and it is easy to breed dirt such as mites and bacteria. Therefore, we must also pay attention to the cleanliness of the mattress. So how to clean the mattress?
Mattress cleaning method:
1. Daily cleaning:
1. Clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner. This method can be cleaned without wetting the mattress, avoiding pollution caused by dirt, and ensuring the mattress is clean.
2. Try to use upholstery cleaner. Because decorative cleaners are used to clean the surfaces of decorative objects (such as sofas) that come in contact with the skin, you can use them unless you are very sensitive to general cleaners. Another benefit of decorative cleaners is that they can remove small bugs and their pollutants.
3. Use biochemical enzyme cleaners. Biochemical enzyme cleaners can effectively destroy the "biological structure" of pollutants, which will help remove these pollutants.

Second, vacuum regularly
1. Vacuum regularly on the mattress to prevent dust from forming stains when the mattress is wet. When vacuuming, it should be sucked onto the surface of the mattress. Pay more attention to the gap of the groove. There are many dirty things hidden inside.
2. Usually every time you change the sheets, you can use it once. However, every time you change the sheets, you should turn the mattress over, or place the mattress against the wall, hit it with a stick, and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove impurities.
3. If it is a newly bought mattress, it does not leave too many impurities, but it is damp. After cleaning, it can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and then ventilated and dried.

Third, clean the mold
1. The mildew of the mattress is caused by too much water, so we can put the mattress in the sun on a sunny day.
2. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the upper and lower sides of the mattress. When cleaning, remember to clean the filter bag of the vacuum cleaner. This can prevent mold spores from leaking, affecting the next use.
3. Mix equal amounts of isopropanol and warm water, rub the solution onto the mattress with a sponge, and then rinse with warm water.

Fourth, clean stains
1. In order to deal with fresh blood stains, you can put ginger on the blood stains, then wipe with a cloth with cold water, and then wipe the water with a dry cloth or paper towel. If you are aging blood, you can add salt to carrot juice, then drip the adjusted juice on the old blood stain, and then wipe it with a cold cloth.
2. To remove colored beverages, we can use medical alcohol to wipe, because most of the stains of beverages can be dissolved in medical alcohol, but because alcohol can also spread stains, so use a good absorbent cloth to wipe the stains with alcohol. Using citrus cleaner or vinegar can also reduce the degree of stains instead of pouring alcohol directly.

The above content is the method of cleaning the mattress. Through these cleaning tips, you can make your mattress healthy and clean, and provide you with a better and healthier sleeping environment.



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