It is better to choose the one that suits you


Faced with a wide range of mattresses, how should consumers choose? At the entrance of the Aimen mattress store in Guangcai Market, Nanchong, there is a sleep tester with the concept of "technological sleep". This is a domestic standing sleep tester that can analyze the spine curve and sleep according to the body's weight, body shape and standing posture. The sleep test tool developed by the relationship, and then help consumers choose their own mattress.
"Everyone's physique is different. Consumers can use this standing sleep tester to choose the mattress that suits them." Tang Yangfang, the person in charge of the Nanchong store of Aimoen mattress, said that citizens should not just look at the style when buying mattresses. Or the price, the recommended way is to lie down and "try sleep" in person to feel the comfort of the mattress.
It is common for many citizens to put cotton wadding on the mattress. In fact, this approach is not appropriate. A good mattress does not need to be covered with cotton batting. After laying cotton wool, it is easy to absorb sweat, and it is also easy to cause bacteria to grow. Long-term use is not good for the human body.
Tang Yangfang said that when choosing a mattress, citizens can choose from the feeling of the mattress's "supporting force", "resilient" and "fitness". After lying flat on the bed, feel the support of the mattress on the neck, shoulders, and hips. Secondly, see if the waist can let you in. The waist naturally fits the bed surface. It is better not to put your hands in. Otherwise, the mattress is too hard to ensure a good rest.
At the same time, in the mousse bedding healthy sleep system store, every customer who comes to the store can take a test and choose the mattress that suits him through the test. "Our mattress design is based on the principle of seven zones, including the head, shoulders, back, waist, hips, thighs and calves. Each area matches the corresponding softness according to the body weight, so that all parts of the body are well Support for relaxation." According to the person in charge of the Mousse Bedding Healthy Sleeping System Store, customers can pay attention to whether the mattress has a peculiar smell when choosing a mattress; try to lie down and listen to the spring for abnormal noise; if possible, open the mattress Check whether the internal structure is defective. At the same time, citizens are advised to turn the mattress over and continue to use it after using the mattress for 3 to 5 months, which can improve the comfort of the mattress. How to choose a mattress that suits you?
Mattresses can be selected by visual inspection, touching and pressing
Visual inspection: Check whether the edges of the four sides of the mattress are straight. If the edges are wavy, it indicates that the structure of the mattress is not square, the thickness is uneven, and the material used is uneven. In addition, observe the surface of the mattress. If the surface is uneven and the four corners are skewed, it means that the mattress is not flat and should not be purchased.
Touch: Touch the mattress with your hands. Mattresses with inferior internal structure are generally hard and firm along the steel frame but have poor elasticity. The front side feels softer by hand. At the same time, you can feel the overall weight of the mattress with your hands when you touch it. The overall weight of the poor quality mattress is lighter.
Pressure: A mattress with a weak internal structure will make a slight squeak when pressed down. This is the performance of the internal spring and other frame structures. You should be cautious when buying such a mattress.


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