How to distinguish knitted fabric and woven fabric


Concept introduction of knitted fabric and woven fabric

Knitted cloth: It is formed by using knitting needles to form loops of yarn or filaments, and then stringing the loops together.

Woven fabric: It is a fabric formed by weaving warp yarns and weft yarns perpendicular to each other.

The difference between knitted fabric and woven fabric

Difference 1: the organizational structure of the fabric

Nowadays, knitted fabrics produced in our country are generally made of yarns that are bent into loops in sequence, and the loops are intertwined to form a fabric. The process of yarn forming loops can be carried out horizontally or vertically, horizontal knitting is called weft knitting, and longitudinal knitting is called warp knitting. On the contrary, woven fabric is a fabric made of two or more sets of mutually perpendicular yarns interlaced with warp and weft at a 90 degree angle, and the longitudinal yarns are called warp yarns, and the transverse yarns are called weft yarns.

Difference 2: The basic unit of fabric organization  

Generally speaking, the smallest unit of knitted fabric is the loop, and the loop is composed of a space curve formed by the loop stem and the extension line. On the contrary, the smallest unit of woven fabric is the organization point, that is, each intersection point between the warp yarn and the weft yarn.

Difference 3: Physical and mechanical   

Generally speaking, the physical and mechanical properties of knitted fabrics are very good, including longitudinal density, transverse density, square meter weight, elongation, elasticity, breaking strength, abrasion resistance, hemming, thickness, dispersibility, Shrinkage, coverage, bulk density. In contrast, the physical and mechanical properties of woven fabrics only include the yarn density of warp and weft, selvage, front and back, forward and reverse wool direction, and fabric coverage.

Difference 4: Features

Knitted fabrics have the characteristics of soft texture, moisture absorption, breathability, sweat wicking and warmth, and most of them have excellent elasticity and extensibility. Relatively speaking, woven fabric has the characteristics of high output and suitable for small batch production.


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