How to choose different material mattresses


The biggest problem caused by uncomfortable mattresses is backache and backache the next day. Why is back pain? In fact, the main reason is that the mattress is too soft, too hard, or caused by uneven pressure. So the choice of mattress is to deal with these problems. The shape of the mattress is basically the same, and the main consideration is the softness and air permeability of the mattress material. Mattress materials on the market can be roughly divided into the following 4 types: brown, spring, memory foam, latex.

The raw material of the brown mattress is similar to the brown tying bed we slept in when we were young. The material is harder, and it is basically the same as the hardboard bed. The selling point of brown is the use of natural materials, environmentally friendly and breathable. The strengths or weaknesses vary from person to person. People who like soft beds may not be able to adapt, but for people who are not used to softer mattresses, brown material should be a good choice. Some elderly and children are also more suitable for harder ones. Mattress.

Since the biggest advantage of palm is natural and environmentally friendly, you must ask if it is an all-brown mattress when purchasing. Some brands like to put brown together with other materials. Brown may only be a very thin layer, so the environmental protection is much worse. Also understand which adhesive is used. Better brands will use natural latex instead of glue as the binder, so that there will be basically no odor and will not damage the natural environmental protection characteristics of brown.

Springs should be regarded as the mainstream material of mattresses, and there are many types. The better ones are independent springs and independent pocket springs. The independent spring mattress is composed of several springs connected and arranged, independently supported and capable of independent expansion and contraction. One side turns over on the bed and so on, the other side will not be greatly disturbed. Independent pocket springs isolate each independent spring with a cloth bag, which has stronger anti-interference ability than independent springs.

The advantage of spring mattresses is that the choice of softness and hardness is very wide. There are quite soft ones that will sink as soon as you sleep, and some are harder and similar to hardboard beds. Some businesses even make one side soft and the other hard to suit the needs of different periods. Various brands, various levels of prices, and a wide range of options.

Memory Foam
Memory foam is sensitive to temperature. When a person sleeps on the memory foam, the mattress can automatically sense the temperature of the human body and remember the unique shape of each part, so as to relieve the pressure generated when the body is in contact with the mattress and support the body. The moment I lay on it, it was like being wrapped in a mattress. However, in order to have a better sleep experience, memory foam mattresses cannot be covered with mats or woolen pads, and electric blankets and other electrical equipment should not be placed. It may be slightly inconvenient when used in winter and summer.

Latex is also a relatively expensive material. In addition to having the same advantages of fully fitting the spine and anti-interference as memory foam, because it is a natural material, anti-mite and antibacterial, its price is more expensive than memory foam. Latex has better support and is softer than memory foam, does not produce mites, and has good air permeability. Although it is soft, it won't sink into it as soon as you lie down. If the latex mattress is completely sunken when lying on it, it means that the mattress has insufficient support and is not a good product. As you can imagine, latex mattresses are spring mattresses composed of countless small springs, which are both soft and supportive.

The advantages of natural latex have been mentioned above. This mattress can fit the human body curve and feel comfortable to sleep. It is soft and supportive. The side adopts a lattice pattern, which is simple and atmospheric.

Finally, it is better to go to a physical store to buy a mattress. Everyone’s skin, muscles and nervous system are different from others. You can never tell whether you are suitable for a certain mattress before you try it. Even if there are statistics, You can't know whether you are 80% suitable for it or 20% not suitable for it. What's more, there is no number to accurately describe the hardness of a mattress. You should go to the store by yourself, lie on the mattress in your habitual sleeping position, turn over several times, lie on your back, prone, and then on your side for at least ten minutes. When lying down, pay attention to the degree of depression of the shoulders, hips and heels, and feel the support of the waist. Don't go when you are tired. When you are tired, you will feel comfortable on everything. Everything depends on proper support and comfort, whether it feels warm or not, whether it changes according to your shape.

In addition, the mattress cannot be used for a lifetime and needs to be replaced regularly. The best mattresses can only be used for up to 20 years. In addition, the mattresses are inconvenient to dry and tend to accumulate mites. The southern weather is also prone to mold. If it is damaged, it should be replaced immediately, otherwise it will affect sleep and spine health.


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